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Are there things troubling you?

As a result do you feel alone, afraid, confused - or in any way stuck within yourself or in your life?


Smart People Seek Help

It is true that people who seek therapy may be more troubled or distressed than average but it is also true that such people often turn out to have an added dimension and potential to succeed that they didn't even know they had.  This is what motivates them to find and make use of the help they need.  They recognise the value in obtaining the help of a specialist in the same way as they might consult with any other professional, for example an architect concerning the design of their house or an accountant concerning the running of their business.


Therapy Can Be Enjoyable

Often, in spite of arriving at their first session in some distress, clients soon discover that working with a therapist can be a fascinating and rewarding thing to do.  The starting point is always to discover and point out the client's value and potential which they may never have seen for themselves before.

Therapy restores hope.  Your horizons will lift and you will become clearer about who you are, what you want and how to get there.  Therapy offers the promise that you will once again begin to move forward in your life.

Some of the common personal and life issues and problems are listed below. Click on any of the buttons to see how therapy can help.

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