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Trauma can mean complex developmental trauma to do with neglect, abuse and/or abandonment experienced during our key developmental years; or a single event where you felt otherwise well before experiencing a strongly traumatising event. My approach is to work with how these events are impacting your life, relationships and ambitions and how we can weave them into your life journey in order to develop personal and spiritual meaning from them. Therapy supports your day-to-day life as this process unfolds and helps you develop tools to process the trauma as it surfaces.


You may benefit from talking with a therapist about some aspect of your sexuality. People’s experiences of themselves as sexual beings vary greatly and sexual mores have changed and continue to change greatly in a short space of time, leaving many people confused. You may feel guilty or ashamed about your past or confused about the sexual feelings you experience and unconfident about how to express them healthily for you. Whatever your relationship status, your sexual orientation or your sexual practice, the aim of therapy is to gain a positive acceptance of yourself as a sexual being in which you can express and enjoy your sexuality, stay safe and keep others safe.

Relationship Problems

When good feelings about each other have gone and the relationship has become a living hell, often couples become ready for change as they never have before. If two people have the potential and are willing to grow in themselves, couples therapy enables the relationship to be seen and experienced in a completely different way and it often proves to be the very foundation needed for each individual to grow and for the relationship to flourish again. Fortunately the world has woken up to the rich variety of relationships between human beings, so whether you are in a heterosexual or LGBT relationship, therapy can help.


We would all like our work to be a channel for our creativity rather than a yoke which crushes us, but some work-places have an ethos of workaholic practices and a culture of bullying, in which we become trapped, dominated and diminished. Sometimes it is a case where you simply have to leave, and here therapy is about building your feelings of self-worth and exchanging feelings of paralysis for feelings of excitement about moving forward and getting something good for yourself. However, even in an essentially good work-place it can be the case that particular buttons in you get pressed which make your working life difficult. Here, therapy focuses on understanding these very painful triggers and then coming to reframe your work as a place where you can select and take things for yourself in order to develop your resilience and sense of personal power.

Grief, Loss, Bereavement

Loss and its accompanying grief is a normal feature which punctuates our life’s journey but sometimes losses feel so devastating that we find it hard to incorporate them into our lives and move forward. You may be experiencing grief and loss surrounding the death, or imminent death, of a loved one. Or your loss may be related to a marriage coming to an end or being made redundant or retiring from your paid employment. In all these cases therapy can help you understand and process your very difficult feelings in order to incorporate them into your own life story so that you can once again go forward optimistically with your own life, even though you will have been forever changed by your loss.


When our first child is born, even if it is what we have planned and longed for, we experience what has been termed the crisis of parenthood. This is a major upheaval and with it comes the realisation that nothing is ever going to be the same again. Post-natal depression is common; in some cases this may be a hormonal event, but in others can be a symptom of difficulty adjusting to the all-consuming role of motherhood and feeling overwhelmed by new responsibilities.
Other areas where it is common for people to seek help around parenthood include step-parenting, infertility, biological clock running out, separating from our children as they grow up, the demands of loving and living with children with disabilities.

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